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Category: Vascular Ultrasound Services in Central London

By visualising blood flow and detecting issues such as blood clots, atherosclerosis, aneurysms, and vascular malformations, vascular ultrasound assists healthcare professionals in making accurate diagnoses and developing effective treatment plans. This safe and painless procedure is commonly used to assess circulation in the neck, arms, legs, and abdomen, helping to prevent complications such as stroke, deep vein thrombosis, or peripheral artery disease. With its real-time imaging capabilities, vascular ultrasound significantly contributes to the early detection and management of vascular disorders, ultimately improving patient outcomes and vascular health.

If you would like additional information or advice about which scan or combination of scans would be most beneficial to you and your chosen medical path or lifestyle options, we have specialist world-class clinicians able to provide you with assistance and/or consultation.

Our range of vascular scans is extensive and we aim to provide comprehensive information along with answers to your questions, identifying what signs and symptoms are most relevant to a particular LPU ultrasound package.

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