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London Private Ultrasound offers various Pregnancy Scans suitable for all stages of your pregnancy. We will be with you through your journey from your first blood test (Beta HCG levels) , the Early Scan and Nuchal (NT scan) Scan in your 1st trimester, to the Gender Scan, Dating Scan, Gender Scans NIPT blood test in your 2nd trimester, and to Growth Scan and Presentation Scan and finally to meet your baby with our detailed 4D Scan in your 3rd trimester.
Please see the guidance table below to help you to choose most suitable scan according to your pregnancy stage.

Please click on your choice of scan below to find out full details and prices and to make your booking online. You can call us to book your appointment over the phone if you wish to.

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Dating and Viability Ultrasound 6-11 weeks Are you curious about the progress of your pregnancy? Do you have pain or bleeding? Or you’ve had a complicated obstetric history and need reassurance that everything is progressing as expected.
  • We offer a sonographer led ultrasound service to help
  • Confirm and diagnose an intrauterine pregnancy
  • Exclude ectopic pregnancy
  • Viability/ Heartbeat
  •  Check for single or multiple pregnancies
  • Measuring the pregnancy to determine the estimated dates
  • Look for a reason for your pain or bleeding, whether that be to exclude a miscarriage or ovarian cyst.
Price: £100.00 Book Now     Home
Price: £100.00 Book Now      Home

A dating scan is a fast and safe way to confirm the date of your pregnancy from 8 weeks onward. If you are excited to know your due date and you are not sure of your last menstrual period or the date of conception, we recommend you to do the dating ultrasound scan. During the Dating scan, the size of your Baby will be measured (from head to bottom). This measurement will provide a relatively precise estimate of the age of your pregnancy. If you decide to have a Dating scan, it will probably be your first scan when you will also be able to see the heartbeat and check for any movement. You do NOT need a referral to do this scan.

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The Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT), known as Harmony Test, has been provided by London Private scan as the most accurate way of identifying the risk of a baby born with Down Syndrome (trisomy 21),Edward Syndrome (Trisomy 18) or Patau Syndrome (Trisomy 13).

This test can be offered to you from your week of pregnancy and is planned to give you reassurance with the health of your pregnancy and your baby. At LPU we offer Harmony blood test and a scan of your baby.
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This ultrasound scan is not available anymore
Price: £295.00 Book Now      Home

This is the ideal time to date the pregnancy. The EDD given at this scan is what will be used for the remainder of your pregnancy. During this scan, we will perform some basic anatomy checks to make sure everything is developing as it should at this stage of the pregnancy. At this stage of the pregnancy, most babies develop normally however some can be affected by a chromosomal defect so during this stage of your pregnancy we can offer you the Combined Test.

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An anomaly scan is known as a mid-pregnancy scan, 18-20 weeks (optimal suggestive time is 20-21 weeks). The main purpose of this scan is to entirely check your baby and make sure that the baby is developmentally and structurally normal. This is very important to have this scan done as some babies’ health problems cannot be predicted by the health of parents or their family history.

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This ultrasound scan is not available anymore
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The wellbeing and growth scan can be performed from 24 weeks of pregnancy onward. This scan is a very popular scan for parents to be who seek reassurance in their pregnancy, would like to check how well their baby is growing or who have any particular concerns. This scan is not usually offered by NHS if you do not have any complications.

During this scan, our expert sonographers will check the flow (Umbilical Artery doppler blood flow in their umbilical cord vessels) and placenta (called doppler), the position of placenta, and assess the amount of amniotic fluid (AFI) around the baby. They will also check the baby’s heartbeat and baby’s movements.

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4D scan is basically a kind of ultrasound imaging, with which the baby can be seen moving in real-time – like in a movie or video – as a result of adding the dimension of time to the common 3D ultrasound scan. This is an advanced pregnancy anomaly scan.

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A cervical length scan is usually advised during pregnancy to check whether the cervix is ready for birth. The cervix should remain closed during your pregnancy and will only open when it is getting ready to give birth. The optimal time of the examination is around 20weeks, however for women at higher risk of preterm birth we recommend it from 16 weeks. This scan is highly recommended for women with a greater risk of preterm birth such as those with a previous history of preterm birth, uterine anomalies, 3 or more late miscarriages, previous cervical surgeries, and multiple pregnancies.

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If you are excited to find out whether you are having a baby boy or girl, the Gender scan will confirm it for you. At London Private Ultrasound, the experienced sonographer can determine the gender of your baby with 97% accuracy. Please note ultrasound scans never provide a 100% guarantee of the gender of your baby, however, to have the most accurate result, our experienced sonographer may ask you to walk around for a few minutes to move your baby into a better position and they will scan you again. If we are not able to determine the gender on the day (if your baby is in an unfavourable position), we will re-book you for another gender scan (free of charge).

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Presentation scan is offered any time in pregnancy between weeks 35 to 40. The main purpose of this scan is to examine your baby’s position as you are approaching your delivery date. In this scan out expert sonographer will look at the placenta position and the amount of amniotic fluid. Presentation scan also includes performing the growth scan to assess your baby’s development, measuring the head, abdomen, and limbs to compare the measurements against the national growth charts and estimate your baby’s weight.

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During the process of conception of pregnancy, eggs and sperms meet just outside the fallopian tubes of the uterus. Fallopian tubes are narrow thin tubes that guide the sperms towards the ovaries, where the ovulated free egg is waiting to be fertilized. Once fertilization happens, the small bundle of newly formed conception cells (blastocyte) starts multiplying and growing. In the meantime, it starts to travel back towards the cavity of the uterus via the fallopian tubes. This migration usually takes around 5-6 days, and the embryo implants itself within the lining of the uterus (endometrium). This is the natural and correct place for the pregnancy to be as the muscle of the womb can stretch and carry the baby for 9 months.

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