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Gender ultrasound Scan

Baby gender reveal Scan (16-40 Weeks)
Price: £110

Book a Growth and Wellbeing ultrasound and the gender assessment is complimentary.

When Can the Gender scan be performed?
Gender scans can be performed from 16 weeks onwards.

What does the Gender scan involve?
Our sonographer will use advanced ultrasound technology to reveal the sex of your baby. While ultrasound scans cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, our team strives for the most precise results. If your baby’s position is not ideal for gender determination; we may ask you to take a short walk to encourage movements before rescanning.

What if we can’t determine the gender?
If your baby’s position is unfavourable for gender determination during the scan, you can be rebooked, free of charge and at your convenience. Additional Benefits of the Gender scan:

  •  visualisation of baby’s heart and foetal movements
  •  amniotic fluid assessment
  • during this scan if any anomalies are identified you will also be informed.

When will I get the results:
Our experienced sonographer will discuss the ultrasound findings with you following the examination. A digital copy of the report, complete with relevant images will also be emailed directly to you on the same day as your appointment. Please note,it is not customary to include representative images of your baby’s genitalia into the scan report, but we will be more than happy to explain in detail of reasons for our conclusions regarding your baby’s gender’.

Book a Growth and Wellbeing ultrasound and the gender assessment is complimentary.


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