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Complaints & Suggestions

Thank You for Choosing US

Here at London Private Ultrasound, we do our best to ensure our patients are happy with the services we provide.

We welcome all suggestions and take any complaints extremely seriously and try to ensure that all patients are delighted with their experience of our service. A complaint may relate to the quality of care, professional competence, administrative or support services. It may be of a clinical or non-clinical nature.

If you are not satisfied with any aspects of our services here at London Private Ultrasound, You should first talk to a member of staff about your concern, so that it can be resolved there and then. Alternatively, you can register your complaints or suggestions by emailing: [email protected].

The email should include full detail of the events about which you wish to complain. It should also state what redress you are seeking. Your complaint will be acknowledged within 48 hours and investigated.

We would expect to provide you with a response within twenty days. If the investigation is still in progress, we will send you an email explaining the reason for the delay. If you are unhappy with the outcome of your complaint, then please communicate further with the Clinic Manager.