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Lady Valerio
Lady Valerio
Due to a liver problem I casually found this clinic online to make a fibroscan I was pleasantly surprised about the professionalism and empathy of Doctor Reza Farahmandfar and nurses Everything was excellent, he explained to me in a few words everything and did all the necessary to make me feel comfortable , thank you! I would definitely recommend it to anyone
Richard Wilson
Richard Wilson
I had a scan with Reza, he was punctual and polite, explaining clearly the scan and what he could check. Report arrived promptly and gave peace of mind of a thorough check. Would recommend.
Mui Li
Mui Li
Mr Reza Farahmandfar was absolutely brilliant - professional & informative. Totally relaxed atmosphere with gentle and respectful engagement. Had an arterial Doppler because of my concern (& my acupuncturist’s) of very prominent & raised / inflamed veins in my right leg. Fortunately a positive result - I immediately received the findings with an email with details of the scan & thus prevented any unnecessary worry or treatment. Would highly recommend this clinic since the service was very prompt and at a price which I could afford & I went on a Sunday.
Gintare Peledaite
Gintare Peledaite
Thank you Reza Farahmandfar for high quality of the service.
Hiral Ahir
Hiral Ahir
Totally amazed by the spic n span experience from my appointment also Dr Reza has highly exceptional skills and forever grateful for this day😍
Jack Nounou
Jack Nounou
I Had an wonderful experience with This excellent operation for Ultrasound today , It is highly efficient , very deep in their analysis, the Doctors really go deeply in their interpretation of the scans , and what they charge is the most reasonable in London or anywhere! You can’t go wrong with this outfit
Alex Cartañá-Marks
Alex Cartañá-Marks
This was my first experience with a breast ultrasound upon my return to the UK after a 15-year hiatus. Having previously undergone such examinations exclusively with female sonographers and doctors in the US, I approached the prospect of a male performing my breast ultrasound with a degree of trepidation. Fortunately, the male sonographer proved to be exceptionally professional and considerate. He meticulously explained each step of the procedure, providing clarity on his findings along the way. Acknowledgment is due to the female chaperone who, in addition to extending a warm welcome, graciously offered tea and biscuits to alleviate a minor delay in our start time. This delay, negligible in comparison to prior waiting experiences with medical professionals, added a nice touch. Throughout the procedure, she exuded warmth and provided comfort and reassurance. Simultaneously, a doctor, stationed in the corner, observed and diligently took notes, enhancing the perception of thoroughness. The collective display of excellent bedside manners by the entire team made the entire process surprisingly pleasant. Moreover, the efficiency of the operation was commendable — I received the comprehensive report and images within just half an hour of leaving the office. My overall impression is highly positive, and I am genuinely impressed. I look forward to returning for my subsequent check-up with confidence.
Max Jackson
Max Jackson
The availability, price and customer service was excellent. I was in A and E with chest pains on a Saturday night and having a heart scan by a cardiologist on Monday afternoon. This is after waiting (so far) 9 months on an NHS waiting list to see cardiology. Even with private treatment through insurance it is unheard of to be seen as quick as I was with these guys. The price was the best I found anywhere in this part of the country. I've now been suitably checked and had the oppurtunity to ask questions. This has put my mind at rest and ultimately relieved me of anxiety. Having a 1 year old I need to be around as long as possible. All staff were friendly and helpful. I travelled 90 mins each way and it was worth it. Would recommend to anyone.

Ultrasound Scans

Abdomen & Pelvic £295.00Book NowMore Info
Abdomen & Urinary Tract£295.00Book NowMore Info
Abdomen / Liver£150.00
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Abdomen, Pelvic & Urinary Tract£395.00Book NowMore Info
Abdominal Aorta for Aneurysm (AAA)- Men£175.00Book NowMore Info
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Abdominal, Urinary Tract and Testicular£395.00Book NowMore Info
Ankle Unilateral£195.00Book NowMore Info
Ankle Bilateral£345.00Book NowMore Info
Appendicitis (Men)£195.00Book NowMore Info
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Arterial - Carotid Doppler£215.00Book NowMore Info
Arterial - Stenosis Unilateral£172.00
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Aspiration Combined With Steroid Injection£595.00Book NowMore Info
Barbotage (Shoulder)£595.00Book NowMore Info
Both Feet & Ankles£450.00Book NowMore Info
Both Hands & Wrists£450.00Book NowMore Info
Breast Ultrasound (Unilateral)
£165.00Book NowMore Info
Breast Ultrasound (Bilateral)£230.00Book NowMore Info
Breast Surgeon Consultation£300.00Book NowMore Info
Carotid£215.00Book NowMore Info
Echocardiogram ( Cardiac Ultrasound )£220.00Book NowMore Info
Elbow Unilateral£195.00Book NowMore Info
Elbow Bilateral£345.00Book NowMore Info
Electrocardiography ( ECG )£100.00Book NowMore Info
Endometrial Lining£175.00Book NowMore Info
Fertility Assessment Scan£175.00Book NowMore Info
Fibroscan (Liver Elastography)£350.00Book NowMore Info
Follicular Tracking£175.00Book NowMore Info
Foot & Ankle£275.00Book NowMore Info
Foot Unilateral£195.00Book NowMore Info
Foot Bilateral£345.00Book NowMore Info
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Hand & Wrist£275.00Book NowMore Info
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Hand Bilateral£345.00Book NowMore Info
Heart Health Checkup£300.00
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Hernia (Men)£195.00Book NowMore Info
Hernia (Women)£195.00Book NowMore Info
Hip Unilateral£195.00Book NowMore Info
Hip Bilateral£345.00Book NowMore Info
Hydrodilatation (Shoulder)£595.00Book NowMore Info
Kidney / Urinary Tract (Men)£150.00
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Kidney / Urinary Tract (Women)£175.00Book NowMore Info
Knee Unilateral£195.00Book NowMore Info
Knee Bilateral£345.00Book NowMore Info
Lipoma Fat Dissolving Injection£300.00Book NowMore Info
Lumps & Bumps (One Area)£195.00Book NowMore Info
Lumps & Bumps (Two Areas)£295.00Book NowMore Info
Lymph Node ( 1 Area )£195.00Book NowMore Info
Lymph Node ( 2 Area )£295.00Book NowMore Info
Lymph Node (Whole Body)£395.00Book NowMore Info
Men’s Health Check-Up & Blood Tests£1195.00Book NowMore Info
Men’s Sexual Health & Blood Tests£1595.00Book NowMore Info
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3D Pelvic£225.00Book NowMore Info
Pelvic & Urinary Tract£295.00Book NowMore Info
Shoulder Unilateral£195.00Book NowMore Info
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Steroid Injection£445.00More InfoMore Info
Testicular£195.00Book NowMore Info
Thyroid / Neck - Men£195.00Book NowMore Info
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Urinary Tract and Testicular£295.00Book NowMore Info
Varicose Vein - One Limb£195.00
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Varicose Vein - Two Limbs£355.00
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Venous - DVT Unilateral£215.00Book NowMore Info
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Women’s Health Check Up & Blood Tests£1195.00Book NowMore Info
Women’s Sexual Health & Blood Tests£1595.00Book NowMore Info
Wrist Unilateral£195.00Book NowMore Info
Wrist Bilateral£345.00Book NowMore Info

Pregnancy Scans

Ectopic Pregnancy£175.00Book NowMore Info