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Men’s Health Check Premium

  • Full Body Ultrasound Scan
  • Heart Health Check-Up
  • Comprehensive Blood Tests
  • Private GP Consultation

At London Private Ultrasound, your health is our priority, and we believe that your wellness deserves the utmost attention. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our HealthCheck Up Premium package—an exclusive offering that sets a new standard in comprehensive health assessments.

Elevate Your Well-Being with the Well Man private health, physical check up at our central London Clinic just a few moments walk from Bond Street Tube Station.

What Does the Well Man Health Check-Up Premium Include?

Full Body Ultrasound Scan: Our advanced ultrasound technology enables us to thoroughly inspect your internal organs and tissues, offering an in-depth assessment of your well-being. This non-intrusive process aids in the early detection of potential issues. The scan will assess and analyze the following areas of your body:
Thyroid, Liver, Gallbladder, Spleen, Pancreas, Kidneys, Bladder, Ureter, Abdominal Aorta, Prostate and Testis (for males). We will also scan the -Carotid Arteries (Doppler scan).

Heart Health Check-Up: Your heart is the core of your health. HealthCheck Up Premium offers an in-depth examination of your heart, including a heart physical examination, ECG (Electrocardiogram), and echocardiogram, ensuring your heart’s well-being.

Comprehensive Blood Tests: A wide range of blood tests is included, offering more than 45 readings readings to give you insights into your Full Blood Count (FBC), Kidney function test, liver function test, cardiac Enzyme, Bone Markers, Thyroid function test, Lipid profile, CRP, Blood sugar, HbA1C, Prostate Cancer factor and testostrone. This helps us evaluate your overall health from every angle.

Private GP Consultation: Following the assessments, you’ll have a private consultation with one of our experienced General Practitioners (GPs). Following the scans and blood tests, you’ll have a personalized one-on-one session with one of our seasoned General Practitioners (GPs). In this private consultation with our GP, your well-being takes precedence. The GP will commence by exploring into your medical history and any specific health issues you may raise. They will conduct a comprehensive assessment, which may involve assessing your BMI (Body Mass Index) to evaluate your weight and potential weight-related health implications. Additionally, they will measure your blood pressure to assess your cardiovascular health. Throughout the consultation, your GP will attentively listen to your symptoms and concerns, providing expert advice on managing chronic conditions, offering preventive care recommendations, and addressing any acute health problems you might be encountering.


The Men’s Annual Health Check List:

Health Indicators and Insights: Comprehensive assessments for a holistic view of your health.
Cardiovascular Assessments: A specialised focus on heart health.
Personalised Consultation: Tailored recommendations from our expert GPs.
Total Peace of Mind: Invest in a healthier and happier future without worries or fears of symptoms.
Choose LPU’s Well Man Health Check Up Premium to upgrade your body and your lifestyle. Your health is your most precious asset, and with ‘Well Man Health Check Up Premium’, you’re embracing a level of care that reflects its true value. Don’t wait for health issues to arise; be proactive and secure a healthier future for yourself.

For London Private Ultrasound’s complete range of private health checks please visit the link for a range of full body health and ultrasound services, providing a viable alternative to the NHS health check.

To book online select the date and time that suits you best – alternatively, please contact us with any questions via the chat, call or email links provided.

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The Health Check Up Premium package includes a Full Body Ultrasound Scan, Heart Health Check-Up, Comprehensive Blood Tests, and a Private GP Consultation. This comprehensive health assessment is aimed at providing a thorough evaluation of your health, using advanced technology and expertise.
The Full Body Ultrasound Scan covers the Thyroid, Liver, Gallbladder, Spleen, Pancreas, Kidneys, Bladder, Ureter, Abdominal Aorta, Prostate, and Testis for males, along with a Doppler scan of the Carotid Arteries. This extensive scan helps in the early detection of potential health issues by thoroughly inspecting internal organs and tissues.
The Heart Health Check-Up includes a heart physical examination, ECG (Electrocardiogram), and echocardiogram. This comprehensive examination of your heart ensures your heart’s well-being by identifying any potential issues early on, contributing to better heart health management.
The Comprehensive Blood Tests provide more than 45 readings, including Full Blood Count (FBC), Kidney function test, liver function test, cardiac Enzyme, Bone Markers, Thyroid function test, Lipid profile, CRP, Blood sugar, HbA1C, Prostate Cancer factor, and testosterone. These tests offer insights into various aspects of your health, allowing for a detailed evaluation of your overall well-being.
During the Private GP Consultation, your GP will delve into your medical history and discuss any specific health concerns. The consultation includes a comprehensive assessment, evaluating your BMI, blood pressure, and other health indicators. The GP will provide expert advice on managing chronic conditions, preventive care, and addressing acute health problems.
Choosing the Health Check Up Premium package means opting for a superior standard in comprehensive health assessments. With advanced diagnostic technology and experienced healthcare professionals, this package is designed to elevate your well-being through a detailed and personalized health evaluation.
The duration of the Health Check Up Premium package can vary depending on the individual assessments and the depth of the consultation required. However, patients are advised to allocate sufficient time to ensure a thorough evaluation without rush.
The Health Check Up Premium is designed for individuals seeking a comprehensive health evaluation. It is especially beneficial for those who wish to proactively manage their health, identify potential issues early, and receive expert medical advice tailored to their specific needs.
- To book a Health Check Up Premium appointment, you can click here or contact London Private Ultrasound on 02071013377. It's recommended to book in advance to secure a slot that fits your schedule and to discuss any preparations needed for the check-up.

Anna D
Anna D
The team are so so lovely and professional. I’ve only ever seen Pedram and he is an absolute gem of a doctor. He is so patient and so understanding and extremely good and thorough at explaining things. I would always recommend Pedram and his team.
Alex Lockwood
Alex Lockwood
Very quick to access, a well-explained process, a clear and efficient experience and immediate results followed up with the report. Overall it felt very reassuring and the cardiologist was friendly, clear and helpful.
Monica Timofte
Monica Timofte
I recommend this clinic, a team of professionals
Grace Christie
Grace Christie
Really great service and attention to detail during scan. Felt in safe hands.
Kirsty Watson
Kirsty Watson
Excellent service. Very thorough and efficient. Would highly recommend
Charles Guedes
Charles Guedes
Easy to deal. Same day appointment. Very explanatory and helpful
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