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Private Doctor Services

As part of our holistic approach at London Private Ultrasound, we offer a large variety of private Dr. Services to meet almost any health need. This provides very fast access to private doctors and a full range of medical diagnostic tests such as Ultrasound Scans, Blood and urine testing, ECG, X-Ray, MRI, etc. We are a specialist clinic conducting advanced medical imaging via ultrasound and have the medical expertise to provide highly accurate diagnosis and urgent same-day appointments.

Your Private Doctor

Our Central London Clinic just 5m walk from Bond Street Tube Station. You can book your appointment online or over the phone. We make sure to accommodate your request for the same-day appointments. The results for most of the medical diagnostic tests will be provided via email on the same day.

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At London Private Ultrasound, we understand the importance of breast health and offer comprehensive breast surgeon services to ensure your well-being. Our esteemed team of breast surgeons specialise in advanced examinations, including breast ultrasound scans and breast biopsies.
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At London Private Ultrasound, we prioritise your heart health and provide comprehensive cardiologist services to ensure your well-being. Our experienced team specialise in advanced examinations such as echocardiography and electrocardiography, utilizing cutting-edge technology to deliver accurate results and personalised care.
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In face to face appointment, you meet one of our doctors who takes a full medical history and performs physical examinations, listens to your concerns, and discusses your case in detail. In the end, a medical path is tailored to meet your needs. If more investigations, i.e., blood/urine/stool tests, MRI/CT scan, or ECG/ECHO are needed, they will be arranged, and the results will be analyzed and reflected on the final report. You are advised to share the report with other medical professionals including your NHS GP or specialists. It can be chased either through the NHS or If you need a private specialist, it would be discussed with you initially, and after obtaining your consent, an appointment will be arranged for you. There would be no extra charge for the referrals, but you must pay for the specialist consultation.
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During the telephone consultation, one of our doctors will call you at the time of your appointment to discuss your case. They listen to your story, obtain your concerns, and take a medical history. The medical path you should take is tailored and a written report will be emailed to you. If extra investigations are needed, they can be arranged either through our clinic, or alternatively, you can chase them through your GP surgery by sharing the report with your GP or specialists. In case you need a specialist referral, after obtaining your consent, the information will be shared with the private specialists and an appointment will be arranged for you. You don’t get extra charged for the referral, but you must pay for the specialist consultation.
Price: £75.00 Book Now  
The goal of your subsequent follow-up appointments is to:
  • review the results of your tests and investigations
  • monitor treatment progress
  • set up new recommendations if necessary
  • ensure that you are provided with the best possible care