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Women Clinics and Health Services

At London Private Ultrasound we offer a wide range of ultrasound scans and health services providing specific Womens Clinics for those aged16 and over.

Range of Female Health Checks

The range of our scans and womens clinics covers from the pelvic scan and pre IVF scan to all pregnancy scans. There are also several choices of the abdominal scan, kidneys and urinary tract, lump and bumps, hernia, and thyroid & neck. You can choose from the range of our Musculoskeletal (joints and muscles) scans including intra-joint injections.

London Private Ultrasound also offers abdominal aorta, carotid, and vascular stroke screening suitable for women age 45 plus.
And last but not least, our experienced clinical vascular scientist can offer you all vascular scanning such as DVT, arterial doppler, and venous insufficiency.

You can book your Womens health check online or call us to book your appointment over the phone if you wish to. We provide premium advanced womens health check as well as a range of full body health check-ups for both male and female patients and tailor according to the age and specific requirements of each individual. We can provide you with further information on these specialist ultrasound and GP services find out more and the services included – full body health check costs.