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Presentation Ultrasound Scan

Presentation Pregnancy Scan (36-40 weeks)
Price: £110

Presentation scan is offered any time in pregnancy between weeks 36 to 40. The main purpose of this scan is to examine your baby’s position as you are approaching your delivery date.
In this scan out expert sonographer will look at the placenta position and the amount of amniotic fluid. Presentation scan is also included performing the growth scan to assess your baby’s development, measure the head, abdomen, and limbs to compare the measurements against the national growth charts and estimate your baby’s weight.
Presentation scan is particularly important as it will confirm the position of your baby. If the baby is in a breech position it will give you an opportunity to make appropriate arrangements.

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This scan is a trans-abdominal scan and will be performed by gliding the ultrasound probe over your abdomen. In some cases, a transvaginal scan may be needed to exclude a low placenta or a rare but dangerous condition called vasa praviea. This is when unprotected fetal vessels are close to or covering the cervix. If your sonographer is unable to exclude these conditions by scanning transabdominal then she may advise the need for an internal ultrasound. Both exams are is extremely safe and comfortable for you and your baby.
We will look at:
  • Your baby’s position Baby’s position in the womb
  • Measurements of amniotic fluid
  • The position of your placenta
  • Measurements of baby’s head, abdomen and limbs
  • Estimate your baby’s weight
We will give you a written report and all the digital images.
We will ask you to share the provided with your midwife or doctor. We can also refer you to our highly regarded Obstetric consultant if you need to.
No there is no preparation required for this scan.