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Cookie Policy

London Private Ultrasound

This cookie policy details the use of “cookies” and other similar technologies by London Private Ultrasound (“London Private Ultrasound”) in connection with their Site and Services. “Cookies” are small text files stored in a computer’s browser directory and can help site providers with a variety of things, such as understanding how people use a site, remembering login details, and storing site preferences. London Private Ultrasound uses cookies in accordance with its Privacy Policy to ensure that its Services function properly, detect and prevent fraud, understand how visitors use and engage with their Site, and analyze and improve their Services.

London Private Ultrasound sets two main types of cookies on its Site. First-party cookies are placed and read by London Private Ultrasound directly when you use their Services. Meanwhile, third-party cookies are not set by London Private Ultrasound, but by other companies like Google or Facebook for site analytics purposes.

Cookies play a crucial role in helping London Private Ultrasound provide effective and safe Services. Necessary cookies are essential to the operation of their Site and Services and make it usable and secure by enabling essential functions like page navigation and access to certain areas of the Site. Authentication, fraud prevention, detection, security, and functionality are some of the purposes of necessary cookies.

Preference cookies are used by London Private Ultrasound to remember your preferences and recognize you when you return to their Services. Meanwhile, analytics cookies help them understand how visitors interact with their Services. These cookies are used for site features and services, analyzing and improving their Services, and pixel tags which may be used in connection with some Services to track the actions of Users and compile statistics about usage of the Services and response rates. Third-party analytics are also used through Google Analytics to collect and analyze information about the use of their Services and report on activities and trends.

Advertising cookies are used by London Private Ultrasound and their service providers to direct their ads to you through targeted advertisements for their Services on other sites you visit and measure your engagement with those ads. You can opt out of cookies through their Cookie Settings, with the exception of those cookies that are necessary to provide you with their Services. Your web browser may allow you to manage your cookie preferences, including deleting and disabling London Private Ultrasound cookies. However, disabling cookies may cause some features of their Site or Services to not operate as intended.