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Growth and Wellbeing Ultrasound Scan

Pregnancy Growth and Wellbeing Scan
Price: £150

In the 3rd trimester we can monitor the growth of your baby by measuring the head circumference, abdominal circumference and femur length. This will help determine if your baby’s growth rate is consistent with your estimated due date as well as give an estimated weight of your baby.
With this scan we also check the blood flow to your baby to ensure the placenta is functioning as we expect.
We examine the amniotic fluid level around your baby as this can be an indicator for gestational diabetes or problems with the placenta function.

We look at the position of your baby and the position of your placenta. In some cases a transvaginal scan may be needed to exclude a low placenta or a rare but dangerous condition called vasa praevia. This is when unprotected fetal vessels are close to or covering the cervix. If your sonographer is unable to exclude these conditions by scanning transabdominally then she may advise the need for an internal ultrasound. Both exams are is extremely safe and comfortable for you and your baby
All of this information together gives us a better idea on the wellbeing of your baby.

* Gender Scan is FREE OF CHARGE with our Wellbeing, Growth and Reassurance scans.

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It is a 2D ultrasound scan, which is performed in the r3d trimester. The main purpose of the Growth and Wellbeing Scan is to ensure that your baby has grown satisfactorily according to the expected date of birth.
This scan is usually performed between 24 to 40 weeks of pregnancy.
This valuable scan will enable us to:
  • Check your baby’s heartbeat and movements
  • Assess the growth of your little one by measuring the head circumference, abdominal circumference, and femur length. These 3 key measurements will help us to determine whether your baby is growing inconsistent with your estimated due date, and will also give us an estimation of the weight of your child.
  • Check the function of the placenta by assessing the blood flow to your baby. This is done through an Umbilical Artery Doppler Ultrasound.
  • Measure the amount of Amniotic Fluid around your baby, as this can disclose if the placenta is not functioning properly.
  • Confirm the position of the baby (e.g. Cephalic or Breech) and also the position of the placenta.
Generally, a Growth and Wellbeing Scan is not always necessary during pregnancy. However, this scan may be required if there is a medical indication, such as high blood pressure, kidney disease, diabetes, any concerns about the fetal growth, and complications during previous pregnancies.
The NHS will not offer this scan, unless there is a medical indication (diabetes, kidney disease, concerns about the fetal growth, previous complicated pregnancies, to name a few). However, you can have this scan at London Private Ultrasound, if you have any concerns and would like to seek reassurance in your pregnancy.
The appointment usually takes around 30 to 40 minutes.
This scan is usually performed transabdominally. However, if we suspect a very low-lying placenta, we may recommend you to have a transvaginal ultrasound. This is to exclude a rare but very dangerous condition called “Placenta Previa”, which means the presence of fetal vessels very close to or covering the cervical canal. If you have this condition, your doctor may advise you to have cesarean section instead of a normal vaginal delivery.
Since this scan is mostly done transabdominally, you will be required to have a full bladder.