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Growth & Wellbeing Pregnancy Q&A

Growth & Wellbeing FAQ

A growth and well-being scan is a good option for parents who seek reassurance that their baby’s development is going well. The ultrasound scan is done later in pregnancy, from 24 weeks onwards, and the baby’s growth, weight, and size are checked.
A Doppler Ultrasound Scan is a scanning method to check the blood flow in any organ, such as the blood circulation in the baby, uterus, and placenta.
No. None of the pregnancy Ultrasound Scans is harmful to you or the baby. Ultrasound has been used for many years to monitor pregnancies. There is no radiation used in pelvic ultrasound. It does not cause any health problems for the patient or the baby.
In London Private Ultrasound clinic, it is completed within 40 minutes.
The growth and well-being Ultrasound Scan is performed transabdominally. You will be asked to lie on your back with your tummy exposed. The sonographer will cover the examined area with ultrasound gel which guarantees smooth movement of the probe over the skin. An image of your baby will appear on the screen. You will get a 2D picture to take home with you. Doppler uses color flow mapping to check the blood flow.
Yes. The clear ultrasound gel is not toxic and is safe to use during your ultrasound Scan. It does not stain or otherwise ruin your clothes. It has no spermicide and can be used for fertility cases without effect on sperm and conception.
The results are discussed verbally after your ultrasound and then sent to your email as a report on the same day.
This Ultrasound Scan is not mandatory. It is optional for those women who want to reassure themselves that the baby’s development is going well. If you have gestational diabetes, blood pressure, any signs of pre-eclampsia, or kidney disease, you are usually offered to check the baby’s growth. If your tummy is measuring too big or too small during your midwife visits, you will be offered to check the baby’s size by a growth Ultrasound Scan.