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Presentation Pregnancy Q&A

The main purpose of this Ultrasound Scan is to examine the position of the baby and the placenta before delivery. It is essential as it will check if the baby is not in a breech position. It is offered in the third trimester between weeks 36 and 40.
  • Baby’s position in the womb
  • The position of your placenta
  • Measurements of amniotic fluid
  • Measurements of baby’s head, abdomen, and limbs
  • Estimation of your baby’s weight
  • Doppler of the blood flow and circulation of the fetus
No specific preparation is required; a full bladder will help better visualize the cervical area.
Yes. None of the pregnancy Ultrasound Scans is harmful to you or the baby. Ultrasounds have been used for many years to monitor pregnancies. There is no radiation used in pelvic ultrasound. It does not cause any health problems for the patient or the baby.
In London Private Ultrasound clinic, it is completed within 20 minutes.
This Ultrasound Scan is a transabdominal Ultrasound Scan and will be performed by gliding the ultrasound probe over your abdomen. Sometimes, a transvaginal Ultrasound Scan may be needed to exclude a low placenta.
Yes. The clear ultrasound gel is not toxic and is safe during your ultrasound scan. It does not stain or otherwise ruin your clothes. It has no spermicide and can be used for fertility cases without effect on sperm and conception.
The results are discussed verbally after your ultrasound and then sent to your email as a report on the same day.
It is not necessary. However, it might be a good idea to book a presentation Ultrasound Scan to check if there are any concerns before delivery.
No. The ultrasound scan is not painful.