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Private Blood Tests

Our clinichas been making a great reputation for delivering outstanding wide range of services to our patients. Alongside other medical investigations such as MRI, X-Ray and Ultrasound scans, we provide private Blood test in order to meet all your needs. We offer over 1000 different blood tests to cover almost any request. Most of our test results return within 4 hours which enables our team to deal with situations faster and more accurate.

Our doctors are expert and dedicated with many years of experience in treating various fields. They will make sure that you will have the most appropriate blood test related to your medical condition.

All of the blood tests will be requested and reviewed by our doctors who can offer you a follow-on and follow-up consultations to discuss the results and advise you any further if needs be.

This service has been put in place to make sure that you have a fast answer if you are worried about a health related problem. As our beloved NHS is overstretched, delays in appointments, investigations, blood test and reporting the results are expected. We offer high quality fast and affordable medical services to put your minds at ease.

How to get your blood test done?

Book your consultation with our doctors to make sure you will have the most related blood tests. Our doctors will advise and counsel you as well as doing any blood test and other medical investigation.

Your blood sample will be taken at the same time,

Your results will be reviewed by the doctor and a report including all analysis and recommendations will be sent to you via email.

You can arrange a follow up consultation with one of our in-house doctors for only £75 for further treatment or advice.

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