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Reassurance Scan (from 6 weeks)

Early Reassurance Scan (6-11 weeks)

Welcome to London Private Ultrasound, where our Early Reassurance Scan offers pivotal insights into your pregnancy’s health and progress. This scan provides immediate relief and clarity, confirming normal pregnancy progression, excluding miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy, and addressing symptoms like bleeding, nausea or discomfort. Our expert sonographers ensure a comfortable and informative experience, fostering a special connection with your baby from the start.

Reassurance Scan (Dating scan)

Starting from the 11th week of pregnancy, our Reassurance Scan provides a thorough examination and reassurance for expectant parents. Our sonographers assess baby’s anatomy, calculate the expected delivery date, and address any concerns, ensuring parents are well-informed about baby’s health and development. This service offers visual reassurance and peace of mind, especially following early pregnancy concerns or discomfort.


There are various reasons why you would wish to have a reassurance scan performed anytime after 8 weeks in your pregnancy:
  • Visualise or listen to your baby’s heartbeat (depending how far along you are)
  • Wishing to have one extra scan outside of NHS antenatal care provider to have one more bonding experience with your baby before the delivery
  • Have been experiencing leaking of fluid or some vaginal bleeding (in which case we also recommend to check your cervical length)
  • Have been feeling generally unwell and wish to make sure your baby’s unaffected
  • Have been feeling reduced baby movements
  • Wish to confirm baby’s lying head down
  • Wish to confirm there is enough fluid around your baby
  • You will be asked a series of questions related to your estimated date of deliver (EDD) or assisted conception dates and symptoms you are presenting with
  • Perform the Ultrasound scan and take high quality representative images
  • Explain ultrasound findings and answer your questions or concerns within our scope of practice
  • Issue a hard copy of the report at the end of the scan, as well as issue a digital copy of the report within 24 hrs, containing relevant images for you to keep for your records, or take to your GP and / or antenatal care provider
  • Recommend a follow-up ultrasound scan if necessary
  • Offer GP or specialist referral and a Blood Test if deemed necessary
The most common finding at this stage is a normally developing baby with normal appearances for this stage of the pregnancy. On a rare occasion, we may notice some structural abnormalities or other concerns, in which case you will be notified and advised to be referred to a tertiary centre for further evaluation.
In most cases a blood test will not be necessary, however in some situations we may recommend one.
Reassurance Scan is performed transabdominally (on top of your tummy), for which we advise to have a full bladder if you are under 16 weeks and nearly empty bladder if over 16 weeks in your pregnancy.
The Ultrasound Specialist will explain the procedure before your scan. A small amount of water-based gel will be applied to your tummy, so that the specialist will be able to produce high quality diagnostic ultrasound images and assess your baby. You should not feel any discomfort during your ultrasound scan. The Reassurance Ultrasound Scan is regularly completed within 15 minutes, depending on the position of your baby. Our Sonographer will recommend the best course of action depending on the ultrasound scan findings.
You will get the results of the scan after the examination along with a hard copy of the report. We will also email you a digital copy of the report with relevant images within 24 hrs.
Ultrasound scan itself does not harm the pregnancy. Yours and your baby’s safety is one of our top priorities, therefore we strictly adhere to BMUS guidelines for the safe use of Diagnostic Ultrasound Equipment and scanning times, as well as respect ALARA principle (As Low As Reasonably Achievable).
The most common finding at this stage is a normally developing baby with normal appearances for this stage of the pregnancy. On a rare occasion, we may notice some structural abnormalities or other concerns, in which case you will be notified and advised to be referred to a tertiary centre for further evaluation. Reassurance Scan


To book online select the date and time that suits you best – alternatively, please contact us with any questions via the chat, call or email links provided.

Book Online Reassurance Scan (from 6 weeks)

All your Questions Answered on your ultrasound diagnosis
Valerie Redfern
Valerie Redfern
Very pleased with the service I received. The staff were friendly, the appointment ran on time and all my questions were answered in a caring and professional manner. I would recommend the clinic.
Great place for a scan. Went to have ultrasound done - quite last minute and they fitted me in. Easy booking online. Easy to get to. Clean and comfortable. And knowledgeable clinicians. Very happy
Jordi B
Jordi B
My partner went to the clinic to have three different scans today.The doctor was great. He explained the findings while was doing the scans. He gave a lot of advices about the blood tests to perform in order to explore the findings further. The clinic is clean and the prices are really competitive. I highly recommend the clinic.
Collin Cumberland
Collin Cumberland
I am very satisfied with the service I received. I had two appointments, both scheduled at very short notice due to anxiety over symptoms similar to a previous DVT. Two thorough scans and a full explanation of the results put my mind at ease. The professional yet friendly approach of everyone I met made it a stress-free experience for me. Highly recommended.
Chris M
Chris M
I had a good experience with LPU, the premises were simple and there is no fancy waiting room but what you do get is a caring, quality, professional service at a competitive price, which I think really is what most people want. My concerns and questions were answered, my report was clear and the staff were kind and friendly. Would return and would recommend.
Camilla Palazzini
Camilla Palazzini
Today I had a neck and thyroid scan and I was incredibly nervous. However, all the staff was super nice, empathetic and professional and guided me throughout the procedure and immediately shared the results. I definitely felt well taken care of and would recommend this service.
Ahmadreza Selahi
Ahmadreza Selahi
I had an outstanding experience at the London Private Ultrasound clinic. From start to finish, the staff was incredibly professional, friendly, and attentive to my needs. The facility itself was clean, creating a comfortable environment. The ultrasound technician was highly skilled and took the time to explain the procedure, ensuring I felt at ease throughout the entire appointment. I was pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of the clinic, as they promptly delivered my results, providing me with the peace of mind I needed. I can't recommend London Private Ultrasound enough for their top-notch service and exceptional care. If you're looking for a reliable and trustworthy ultrasound clinic in London, this is definitely the place to go! Thank you to the entire team for your excellent service.
darren gerald
darren gerald
Very happy with the service I received. The team were very good and explained the process from start to finish. Made me feel at ease throughout my appointment. I received some very good advice about things I could do to help myself. Altogether a very very pleasant experience. Keep up the good work guys/girls. Would 100% recommend to others.
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