Testicular Ultrasound

There are different packages available at London Private Ultrasound to facilitate an early diagnosis and proactive healthcare for you.
You can choose from the below options:

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Testicular ultrasound, also known as “scrotal ultrasound”, is the scan you might need if you have pain or swelling in your testis, or if you feel a mass in your scrotum. Images from the scan reveal whether you have a testicular or scrotal cancer, cyst, tumour, torsion, significant fluid collection (Hydrocele) or dilated varicose vein (varicocele). Testicular Ultrasound can verify:
  • If a lump in your scrotum or testicles is solid or cystic.
  • determine the outcome of trauma to your scrotum.
  • evaluate for possible testicular torsion, which is a twisted testicle.
It also will be beneficial for you if you are experiencing penile discharge, infertility, burning sensation while peeing and going to pee more frequently.
Price: £260.00 Book Now
After your ultrasound scan, you will have up to 30 minutes appointment with our in-house doctor who will take a comprehensive medical history and will perform a holistic physical examination. Your assessment will not be just focusing on testicles as all other medical issues might be relevant to the current problem. A management plan tailored for your needs will be discussed with you. This plan can be chased either through the private sector or your GP surgery.
Price: £420.00 Book Now
This is a complete package to meet all your needs related to your testicle problem at one appointment. This includes a fix set of urine and blood tests, which are almost essential in most cases, on top of the ultrasound scan and doctor appointment. Urine microscopic analysis and urine culture gives us a lot of information including any inflammation or infection in testicles. They also show any hidden dysfunctions in urinary system (kidneys, ureter, bladder and urethra). Full blood count, ESR and CRP are the blood tests and urine analysis, and urine culture are the urine tests to be done. Further investigations will be discussed in the same session if needs be.

* You can see the doctor prior to the investigation which help you decide what investigation and work up will be needed. We can arrange for blood tests at the same time, and we try to accommodate you for the right scan, if needed at all, the same day even if there would not be any free slots available.

** If any additional blood tests are required, it can be arranged at the same appointment (with an additional charge).

***A referral to a private urologist (with an additional charge) can be made if you need any further specialised investigations.