Fast Booking

Josselin Siucho D
Josselin Siucho D
Booking and paying for the appointment was easy. The team was very polite and the doctor was professional and respectful.
Hamad Al Zuwayer
Hamad Al Zuwayer
Lovely staff, Dr. Reza was very professional and provided us with all needed advice and recommendations. One of the best clinical staff that we have ever visited.
Hanife Gulbahar
Hanife Gulbahar
Excellent service, very comfortable environment. I felt reassured throughout my scan. The report was emailed within minutes of me leaving. I would definitely visit again if needed.
Danielle Mason
Danielle Mason
Quick appointment. Staff friendly and everything explained. Better experience than nhs and peace of mind.
Alexandra Atchison
Alexandra Atchison
Above and beyond. This is my fourth visit to London Private Ultrasound August 23 since January 2022. Always welcomed with a smile from the lovely ladies on reception. Dr Aghaei is very professional, knowledgeable and patient, he explains everything in detail. Appointments are often available at short notice if required, the online booking system is simple to navigate and booking is easy. I would recommend the Well Woman Health Check which includes a comprehensive ultrasound, blood and urine test and a consultation with a doctor, it is great value for money and peace of mind. The written report and pictures of the scan is emailed within a day or 2. They also arrange any further investigations needed such MRI or specialist referals. Amazing customer service.
Ange Sand
Ange Sand
They are professional and the Dr. answers all your questions, he shows you the screen and gives you explanations of what he is observing with no rush.
Aprexer Official
Aprexer Official
Very welcoming service, the doctor was well detailed on kidneys and bladder ultrasound and explained I had a kidney stone which was ready to start moving. With this instant information I was able to take to NHS to get surgery advice (stent). Would go back again
tashan benjamin
tashan benjamin
Absolutely Amazing service.Was very happy with the service and was handled very professional. Very positive and friendly environment.
Sandie Simonis
Sandie Simonis
My NHS planned fibroscan was cancelled with no notice and 10 days later with no new appointment arranged I contacted LPU. Scan arranged for 10:20 the following morning! Perfect. Yes I am many £££s down but had excellent service with friendly, compassionate staff calming my anxieties. I received the results by email the same day. No complaints at all.
Sara Jabir
Sara Jabir
I managed to get an appointment on the same day. The Dr was so lovely, answered all my questions and examined everything thoroughly. I highly recommend their scanning service.

Ultrasound Scans

Abdomen & Pelvic £295.00Book NowMore Info
Abdomen & Urinary Tract£295.00Book NowMore Info
Abdomen / Liver£150.00
Old price £175 15% OFF
Book NowMore Info
Abdomen, Pelvic & Urinary Tract£395.00Book NowMore Info
Abdominal Aorta for Aneurysm (AAA)- Men£175.00Book NowMore Info
Abdominal Aorta for Aneurysm (AAA)- Women£175.00Book NowMore Info
Abdominal, Urinary Tract and Testicular£395.00Book NowMore Info
Ankle Unilateral£195.00Book NowMore Info
Ankle Bilateral£345.00Book NowMore Info
Appendicitis (Men)£195.00Book NowMore Info
Appendicitis (Women)£195.00Book NowMore Info
Arterial - Carotid Doppler£215.00Book NowMore Info
Arterial - Stenosis Unilateral£172.00
Old price £215 20% OFF
Book NowMore Info
Arterial - Stenosis Bilateral£316.00
Old price £395 20% OFF
Book NowMore Info
Arterial – Stroke Bundle£565.00Book NowMore Info
Aspiration Combined With Steroid Injection£595.00Book NowMore Info
Barbotage (Shoulder)£595.00Book NowMore Info
Both Feet & Ankles£450.00Book NowMore Info
Both Hands & Wrists£450.00Book NowMore Info
Breast Ultrasound (Unilateral)
£165.00Book NowMore Info
Breast Ultrasound (Bilateral)£230.00Book NowMore Info
Breast Surgeon Consultation£300.00Book NowMore Info
Carotid£215.00Book NowMore Info
Echocardiogram ( Cardiac Ultrasound )£200.00Book NowMore Info
Elbow Unilateral£195.00Book NowMore Info
Elbow Bilateral£345.00Book NowMore Info
Electrocardiography ( ECG )£80.00Book NowMore Info
Endometrial Lining£175.00Book NowMore Info
Fertility Assessment Scan£175.00Book NowMore Info
Fibroscan (Liver Elastography)£350.00Book NowMore Info
Follicular Tracking£175.00Book NowMore Info
Foot & Ankle£275.00Book NowMore Info
Foot Unilateral£195.00Book NowMore Info
Foot Bilateral£345.00Book NowMore Info
Full Body Ultrasound Scan£600.00Book NowMore Info
Full Body Ultrasound Scan Plus£800.00Book NowMore Info
Hand & Wrist£275.00Book NowMore Info
Hand Unilateral£195.00Book NowMore Info
Hand Bilateral£345.00Book NowMore Info
Heart Health Checkup£400.00
Old price £500 20% OFF
Book NowMore Info
Hernia (Men)£195.00Book NowMore Info
Hernia (Women)£195.00Book NowMore Info
Hip Unilateral£195.00Book NowMore Info
Hip Bilateral£345.00Book NowMore Info
Hydrodilatation (Shoulder)£595.00Book NowMore Info
Kidney / Urinary Tract (Men)£150.00
Old price £175 15% OFF
Book NowMore Info
Kidney / Urinary Tract (Women)£175.00Book NowMore Info
Knee Unilateral£195.00Book NowMore Info
Knee Bilateral£345.00Book NowMore Info
Lipoma Fat Dissolving Injection£300.00Book NowMore Info
Lumps & Bumps (One Area)£195.00Book NowMore Info
Lumps & Bumps (Two Areas)£295.00Book NowMore Info
Lymph Node ( 1 Area )£195.00Book NowMore Info
Lymph Node ( 2 Area )£295.00Book NowMore Info
Lymph Node (Whole Body)£395.00Book NowMore Info
Men’s Health Check-Up & Blood Tests£1195.00Book NowMore Info
Men’s Sexual Health & Blood Tests£1595.00Book NowMore Info
Old price £175 15% OFF
Book NowMore Info
3D Pelvic£225.00Book NowMore Info
Pelvic & Urinary Tract£295.00Book NowMore Info
Shoulder Unilateral£195.00Book NowMore Info
Shoulder Bilateral£345.00Book NowMore Info
Steroid Injection£445.00More InfoMore Info
Testicular£195.00Book NowMore Info
Thyroid / Neck - Men£195.00Book NowMore Info
Thyroid / Neck - Women£195.00Book NowMore Info
Urinary Tract and Testicular£295.00Book NowMore Info
Varicose Vein - One Limb£195.00
Old price £245 20% OFF
Book NowMore Info
Varicose Vein - Two Limbs£355.00
Old price £445 20% OFF
Book NowMore Info
Venous - DVT Unilateral£215.00Book NowMore Info
Venous - DVT Bilateral£360.00Book NowMore Info
Women’s Health Check Up & Blood Tests£1195.00Book NowMore Info
Women’s Sexual Health & Blood Tests£1595.00Book NowMore Info
Wrist Unilateral£195.00Book NowMore Info
Wrist Bilateral£345.00Book NowMore Info

Pregnancy Scans

Ectopic Pregnancy£175.00Book NowMore Info

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